Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Fast Lane?

The Fast Lane is United Auto Credit ®'s portal solution which allows you to submit an application, view the decision, and resubmit under various structures to maximize your profit. You can also print funding documents and check status updates once the contract is in funding.

What is the maximum amount you will finance?

United Auto Credit ® finances up to $25,000 for most retail and commercial unit transactions (commercial units up to 14,500 lbs. GVWR qualify).

How long does it take to get a decision?

Many of our decisions are instant. For those that are not, we have credit analysts reviewing applications across the country. Every credit application is evaluated and decisioned in a timely manner to enable our dealer partners to close deals fast.

What are the Maximize Your Net Check options listed on the structure tab?

The United Auto Credit ® Maximize Your Net Check options allow you to choose from multiple structures to reach the desired payment or net check.

Can I submit a structure that is different from the listed Maximize Your Net Check options?

Yes. The Maximize Your Net Check options are suggestions, but you may still submit any structure you would like and receive a decision.

Can I rehash any decision?

Yes. One of the unique differences that separates United Auto Credit ® from other lenders is the availability of our credit team to discuss your deals. With buyers working every Monday through Saturday, you have the option to rehash the deal live with a buyer, or simply resubmit a new structure through The Fast Lane structure tab.

How many days from the date of the contract can I set the due date?

We ask that all due dates be set between the 2nd and the 25th of the month. The first payment due date must be no more than 45 days from the date of the contract.

Who do I contact about funding?

Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient funding process in the industry. You can now utilize The Fast Lane to check the status of any deal in funding by clicking the funding tab. This tab will display your deals pending funding review, which documents have been received, and which have been verified. If you have further questions regarding the status of your deal you can contact our Funding Department at 866-987-6508, or reach us online via live chat.

Where do I send contracts for funding?

To expedite the funding process, dealers may submit approved funding packages via fax to (888) 853-3439. Once received, the verification and documentation review processes may begin; however, the deal will not be funded until the original contract has been received and reviewed. United Auto Credit ® will provide you with a FedEx label to ship the original contract and approval for the deal. You can also print a FedEx label for an approved application directly in the portal.

As always, you can also submit funding packages including all documents required for funding exclusively via FedEx.

The address for submission via FedEx is:
United Auto Credit
4054 Willow Lake Blvd., Ste. 2073
Memphis, TN 38153

What is the lienholder address for insurance policies?

The lienholder address for insurance is:
United Auto Credit
PO Box 164129
Ft Worth, TX 76161

What is the lienholder address I should list on the title applications?

The lienholder address for title applications is:
United Auto Credit
P.O. Box 2108
Lexington, SC 29071